16-18 MAY 2024

A journey through brachytherapy

A journey through brachytherapy

in honor of dr. Jean Roy

Dear participants,

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 2024 edition of Curietherapies’ annual conferences which will take place in Québec city, Canada. The Scientific Committee has put together a very exciting program! Our theme this year is A journey through brachytherapy.

The theme will be reflected throughout the programme via sessions, lectures, panel discussions and debates. For the past 122 years brachytherapy has advanced due mainly to improvements in treatment planning systems, applicators, imaging, clinical trials and the work of pioneers as Jean Roy. Therefore, the program will provide insights on today’s technics updated with the latest advancements in brachytherapy. The sessions will showcase, gynecology, head and neck, prostate brachytherapy and much more. This program will give us opportunity to look at where brachytherapy was, bring to light it’s present and show where it is going as well as focussing on showing brachytherapy as a full partner in multidisciplinary cancer care.

Looking at future advancement, the importance of AI and machine learning as partners in brachytherapy will be discussed. Attendees will also learn about various disease sites which could be treated by brachytherapy using 3-D printing technologies, self-shielded applicators and adaptive brachytherapy all today’s applications that will be discuss. The development of young radiation oncology professionals remains a priority and therefore the Young investigators session will give a voice to students,  residents and fellows the quality of their abstract will be highlighted in the Young investigators competition. All along, time will be allocated for discussion, entertaining debates, and interactions between presenters and participants.  The multidisciplinary sessions will enable interaction and collaboration between the different disciplines involved in brachytherapy. Furthermore, you will be able to improve your technical skills during our hands on mini workshops on breast, prostate and skin brachytherapy. Finally, the meeting will offer a great educational experience. We invite you to participate in an international gathering of leaders in the field of brachytherapy. 

Networking with the industry is always interesting, corporate partners will be present during the meeting to discuss with you. We want to thank our industry partners and also the members of planning committee, without their work this conference cannot be possible!

Join us so we can make this meeting an amazing sharing and learning experience around brachytherapy. Be prepared as this year is going to be one to remember.


Marjory Jolicoeur, MD, FRCPC

Founder & Scientific Director of Curietherapies 

call for abstract

Scientific Director

  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD

Scientific committee

  • Joanne Alfieri, MD
  • Luc Beaulieu, Physicien médical
  • Talar Derashodian, MD
  • Shirin Enger, Physicienne médical
  • Isabelle Gauthier, Technologue
  • Fleur Huang, MD
  • André-Guy Martin, MD
  • Alvaro Martinez, MD
  • Renée Larouche, Physicienne médical
  • Eric Leung, MD
  • Thu Van Nguyen, MD
  • Marie Lynn Racine, MD
  • Alexandra Rink, Physicienne médical
  • Marie-Pier Saint-Laurent, Technologue
  • Dany Truchon, Physicien médical
  • Eric Vigneault, MD


  • Radiation Oncologists / Brachytherapists
  • Medical Physicists involved in brachytherapy
  • Therapists involved in brachytherapy
  • Residents in radiation oncology
  • Nurses


The planning committee had ask for accreditation to the  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Office from McGill University’s and to CAMPEP


Catégorie d'inscription










Medical physicists, engineers



Nurse, therapist, resident, student



 Virtual     500$CAD

* Virtual attendees cannot register to mini-workshops


Hybrid meeting

Monastère des Augustine
77 Rue des Remparts
Québec, QC 
G1R 0C3

Monastere des augustines

Rooms are available at two locations for our participants. to obtain the negotiated price, reservations must be made by phone and mention Curietherapies.

44, Côte du Palais
Old Québec
1 800 463-6283 (Canada and USA)
Local: 418-692-1030                                                                                                                                          
77, rue des Remparts
+1 418 694 1639
+1 844 694 1639

Special Events

You should not miss

This year celebrations in honor of Dr Jean Roy

Thursday May 16th : Buses will leave Monastère des Augustines at 17:00

17:30 Visit of the new Québec brachytherapy suite 

18:00 Cocktail in honor of Jean Roy

19:30 back to Monastère des Augustines by buses

Saturday May 18th: during the lunch time

11:30 Dr Eric Vigneault will give a talk to celebrate Dr Jean Roy