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New Avenues in Brachytherapy

On behalf of the Scientific Comity, it is my honor and pleasure to invite you to our 7th annual Brachytherapy workshop.

Brachytherapy is one of the oldest radiation treatment dating back from 1901. Despite several advances in radiation oncology, brachytherapy is still a valid modern and important treatment of choice for many cancer sites. In this new era of hypofractionated radiation treatment, brachytherapy is once again facing a challenge, so it is important for either endocavitary, contact therapy or interstitial to come together as one in order to reflect on our specialty and to look toward the future.

This is why this year we have a theme “New avenues in Brachytherapy” which will help us to have a glance into brachytherapy’s future.

The scientific program is in line with the theme but also represents our strength: the precision and the conformity of a technique, which is the best for hypofractionation. It will also help us reflect on our common goal: improving patient outcomes. With emphasis on the multidisciplinary aspect of our specialty, this meeting will offer to all professionals involved in brachytherapy, the chance to share or to acquire knowledge on all the advances in the field. You will be able to discuss and share your experience with a wide variety of national and international speakers.

The scientific program was put together with the following objectives:

•  To provide an overview of MRI treatment adaptation

•  To understand what biomarkers have to offer to the treatment of localized cancer

•  To discuss the role of brachytherapy in hypofractionated treatments and also its importance in planning radiotherapy teaching

• To review the role of contact therapy for skin or rectum cancer

• To understand how new technical development will help us to face the coming decades

• To discuss which is the best technique for the delivery of APBI

• To understand the role of functional imaging in brachytherapy

 The meeting will also feature small group workshops, abstract presentations and exhibitors.


Your presence will make this year meeting a memorable Brachytherapy moment.  We look forward to welcoming you in Montréal.


Marjory Jolicoeur, MD

Scientific Director, Curietherapies

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May 17, 2019
1145 Av Union
Qc Canada

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