15-16 MAY 2015

Head & Neck and lower GI cancer brachytherapy

Head & Neck and lower GI cancer brachytherapy

  • Discuss brachytherapy options in H&N cancers
  • Be able to choose the best option between external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy in a patient with a H&N cancer
  • Discuss brachytherapy in lower digestive tract cancers
  • Be able to choose the best candidates for brachytherapy or external beam radiotherapy in a patient with lower digestive tract cancer.

call for abstract

Scientific Director

  • Talar Derashodian, MD
  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD

Scientific committee

  • Sandrine David, Physicienne médical
  • Talar Derashodian, MD
  • Melanie Gionet, MD
  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD
  • Maryse Mondat, Physicienne médical
  • Thu Van Nguyen, MD
  • François Vincent, MD


  • Christine Haie-Meder, MD
  • Khalil Sultanem, MD
  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD
  • Apostollos Christopoulos, MD
  • Vien Do, MD
  • Maryse Mondat, Physicienne médical
  • André-Guy Martin, MD
  • Hélène Clairmont, ---
  • Neil Kopek, MD
  • Pierre Larose, MD
  • Slobodan Devic, Physicien médical
  • Nadia Octave, Physicienne médical
  • François Vincent, MD
  • Jurgen Last, Physicien médical
  • David Donath, MD
  • Carole Richard, MD
  • Reza Forghani, MD


  • Radiation Oncologists / Brachytherapists
  • Medical oncologists
  • Surgeons
  • Physicists involved in brachytherapy
  • Therapists involved in brachytherapy
  • Nurses involved in brachytherapy and patient cancer care 
  • Residents in radiation oncology



May 15-16 2015


Club Saint-James

1145 avenue Union

Montréal (Québec)




Housing is at your own expense. 

Social Event

A dinner is planned on Friday evening. More information will be made available.


Fraiday May 15th at 7:30 and Saturday May 16th at 7:40. Please bring with you your registration confirmation.

Material required 

Please bring with you, either:

  • Laptop ( mandatory for the contouring session)
  • iPad
  • Smartphone


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