19-20 MAY 2017

Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy

Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy

This year Curietherapies suggests a discussion about prostate cancer brachytherapy with the objectives to: 
  • Review prostate cancer treatment options
  • Provide an overview of  brachytherapy options for prostate cancer
  • Explain patient selection/indications for LDR or HDR brachytherapy.
  • Focus on the role of imaging specifically MRI based Implants and dosimetry for prostate cancer

call for abstract

Scientific Director

  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD

Scientific committee

  • Talar Derashodian, MD
  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD
  • Melanie Gionet, MD
  • Sandrine David, Physicienne médical
  • Thu Van Nguyen, MD
  • François Vincent, MD
  • Nadia Octave, Physicienne médical
  • Maryse Mondat, Physicienne médical
  • Joanne Alfieri, MD


  • Alan Pollack, MD
  • Peter Hoskin, MD
  • Carl Salembier, MD
  • Alvaro Martinez, MD
  • Maryse Mondat, Physicienne médical
  • Joanna Cygler, Physicienne médical
  • Serge Carrier, MD
  • Marjory Jolicoeur, MD
  • Vincent Pelsser, MD
  • Talar Derashodian, MD
  • Hugo Villeneuve, MD
  • Marie Duclos, MD
  • Frank Bladou, MD
  • Eric Vigneault, MD
  • Samuel Kadoury, Engineer
  • Aimée Lauzon, Physicienne médical
  • Cynthia Ménard, MD
  • André-Guy Martin, MD
  • Tamim Niazi, MD
  • James Morris, MD


  • Radiation Oncologists / Brachytherapists
  • Medical oncologists
  • Physicists involved in brachytherapy
  • Therapists involved in brachytherapy
  • Nurses involved in brachytherapy and patient cancer care 
  • Residents in radiation oncology


The organizing committee has asked for the following accreditation : 

  • University of Sherbrooke



May 19th and 20th 2017


Club Saint-James

1145 avenue Union

Montréal (Québec)




Housing is at your own expense. Le Crystal is offering a preferred price of 219$/night until April 19 2017


Social Event

A dinner is planned on Friday evening. More information will be made available soon.


Friday May 19th, and Saturday May 20th 7:00. Please bring your confirmation letter

Material required 

Please bring with you, either:

  • Laptop ( mandatory for the contouring session)
  • iPad
  • Smartphone